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Maybe Rupert Murdoch should just buy Greenpeace now.

An earlier post of mine was basically a rant against the misinformation put out by, in particular, the anti-GMO crowd; this is a good example. It was actually posted on facebook in response to a thread where most of the … Continue reading

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Bt CRY proteins are GMOs, so why are they also organic?

I’m still in the fairly early stage of my process of self-education on the topic of genetically engineered crops so I ‘m bound to make a few entertaining howlers  (not too many, I hope and of course I am very … Continue reading

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So farmers aren’t actually stupid, after all.

Well, I never thought that in the first place but some people must, given the  insistence that growing GE crops brings no economic benefit. You’d have to be a pretty poor businessman to pay out top dollar for a seed … Continue reading

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Genetic engineering: A technique for emptying minds of thought?

I try not to rant. There are lots of reasons for this but I suppose the most important is that, while a good rant gives satisfaction in the short term, a more measured and better thought through post has more … Continue reading

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We’re eating the rainforest! Or are we?

I wrote in “What do cows have to do with it” that US consumption of beef has very little to do with deforestation; and that worldwide the primary driver is still population growth.  Even so, cattle ranching is a very significant, … Continue reading

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Fukushima meltdown and glow-in-the-dark Californians?

I’m a big fan of recycling and this is a re post of something I wrote in 2012 but which is still worth reading as a reminder that chicken little syndrome can be combated by a little background reading. It … Continue reading

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What do cows have to do with it?

There is a movie doing the rounds called Cowspiracy. The central proposition seems to be that the evils of climate change can be avoided if we can halt deforestation and that since deforestation is driven primarily by agriculture aimed at … Continue reading

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